"Hate In My Heart" — Slow Love

Sounds Like:

DIY Yacht Rawk with a side of doom and gloom. Rick Astley.

Why You Should Care:

When DC's Bryan Gerhart (aka Baby Bry Bry) commits to an aesthetic, he COMMITS. His previous band Baby Bry Bry and The Apologists were a sugar shot of spastic, political, dance-punk delivered with a side of lounge singer appeal. Slow Love, his latest project, finds Gerhart mining the smooth sounds of radio-friendly "R&B" that dominated the mid to late 80's, and on "Hate In My Heart" the results are, as expected, remarkably faithful. Which is to say, if anyone is going to redeem this "lost" art form, we're glad it's someone who has more on his mind than a broken heart.


Slow Love
Track: "Hate In My Heart"


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