Help Us Build a Killer Literal Marathon Playlist and Win $50!

Help Us Build a Killer Literal Marathon Playlist and Win $50!
Contest Ends October 3 at Midnight

We here at Chunky Glasses are kind of insane about music. We like listening to it in any format, thrashing to it at live shows, and arguing about it in Andre’s basement, but we also have other interests. Whether it’s Justin’s forensic haberdashery, Aubrey’s disturbingly hot bikram yoga, or Kevin’s daily bike ride with his cats - and don’t worry, PETA, he’s got tiny helmets for them so it’s safe - we are insanely happy when we get to listen to music during our other pursuits. And this is where YOU come in.

Some people think that running a marathon is insane. I happen to love it, but I’m not a fast runner and therein lies my problem: it takes me over four hours to run 26.2 miles, and frankly I’m sick of 90% of my playlist. I’m running the Chicago Marathon on Sunday, October 7, so help me out by sending me your suggestions for an all new, CG-tweaked out playlist for the marathon. If your song is the one that’s playing during my final kick, we’ll help you out with a $25 Gift Card to the 9:30 Club AND a $25 gift card to Crooked Beats. If you don’t live in DC, just let us know what music venue or locally-owned record store you’d like to support and we will MAKE. IT. HAPPEN.

Collaborative playlist is collaborative!

Here’s a basis for what I’ve got so far:

Flaming Lips: “The Gash” - Everyone on earth knows all the lyrics to that other song, but Gash is the best exercise song, ever - and I don’t care what Wayne Coyne says, you do NOT have the most beautiful face from Mile 14 on.

OK Go: “Here It Goes Again” - Has the infamous treadmill video, and under transitive property theory, this makes you run faster. Don’t ask how - it’s science.

Yeasayer: “Henrietta” - Gorgeous dance song with enough bass to drown out your raging side split.

Arcade Fire: “Ready to Start” - Excellent in the first 10 miles, when you’re trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

Cosmo Jarvis: “Love This” - Excellent in the second 10 miles, when you’re trying to figure out why the hell you’re still running.

Delta Spirit: “Trashcan” - A perfect, happy beat for mile 17, otherwise known as The Mother-Loving Wall.

Grouplove: “Colors” - Around mile 21, lyrics like “no need to be sad, you’ve still got your health” make me hope that I not only still have my health, but also control over my lower extremities.

Hot Chip: “Motion Sickness” - The only downside to this song is that I sometimes need to stop running and bust out a dance move, which irritates the shit out of everyone behind me.

Japandroids: EVERY SONG, but “Adrenaline Nightshift” in particular. Explanations are surely unnecessary.

Beastie Boys: “Sure Shot” - When all your muscles are unified in a shrieking cacophony, why not have Mike D. et al shouting over the top?

And that takes care of about 45 minutes. There’s also M83, MGMT, other bands and DJs with initials and numbers, every song the Black Keys ever wrote, and even what Sex in the City’s Carrie Bradshaw would refer to as “Secret Single Behavior” -- otherwise known as stuff you wouldn’t do or listen to in the presence of another person (is Duran Duran in there? Bee Gees? Maroon 5? I plead the fifth) -- but I want to hear what YOU listen to to keep you motivated.

So hit me up @chunkycarrie on twitter, post something in the comments section here, or if you’re shy and don’t want the general public knowing what’s going on in your earholes while you exercise you can send me an email: Get those entries in by October 3 so I can start buying tracks and get the list together - the winner and an abbreviated running playlist will be posted on Wednesday, October 10.