“Hey Man” - Liz Cooper and The Stampede

Sounds Like:

The Doors “I Looked At You” from a groovy Nashville rocker’s perspective; Soundtrack to a Quentin Tarantino meet-cute.

Why You Should Care:

Liz Cooper and The Stampede’s “Hey Man” — a seemingly simple song about a bar room connection — is a straightforward rocker with tinged with psychedelic edges.

“Hey man won’t you come on home with me / Cause I’m a little uptight / won’t you stay with me all night like I need.”

Artists sometimes reject the genres they’ve been wedged into, but Liz Cooper and The Stampede seem a-okay with the dream-folk psychedelic rock labels they’ve been tagged with following their 2018 release Window Flowers.

On “Hey Man” surreal chimes dissipate each time Liz asks, “Won’t you come on home with me.” The psychedelia leaves room for the listener to interpret Cooper’s attempt at seduction as either daydreamed boldness or newly realized confidence. Once she’s made her requests the track breaks into a frenzied guitar solo punctuated by Liz’s raspy wails — of either success or frustration.

Although she’s described herself as “painfully shy,” it’s clear Liz Cooper has found the courage to be herself and make her demands through her music.

Liz Cooper and The Stampede will be at Songbyrd in Adams Morgan on Thursday, February 21.


Liz Cooper and The Stampede
Track: "Hey Man"
Album: Window Flowers

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