Hundred Visions - "Thanks For Nothing"

Sounds Like: The loudest garage in Texas; Thin Lizzy on (all of the) acid; lo-fi fuzz pop; Hot trash (see 2012); righteous rock n’ roll malevolence.

Why You Should Care: We’ve told you before about Hundred Visions here, here, here, and oh yeah, we even talked with ‘em here. But until you all recognize the simple fact that Hundred Visions are one of the best bands you’ve probably never heard of, we’re just not gonna shut up about ‘em. Their 2012 release, Permanent Basement, grabbed some attention but for the most part has remained a hidden gem, lying in wait to be discovered or passed along by those in the know. Practically every one of its razor-sharp garage pop tracks could have been a #1 hit, a feat that we haven’t seen since the days of Weezer’s Blue album.

It only makes sense, then, that their second album, Spite, ups the ante, injecting the band’s songs with a chaotic, nervous energy that spits as much vitriol as it does triumphant rock n’ roll luxuriation. In that sense, Spite could be considered Hundred Vision’s Pinkerton, but take one listen to the track “Thanks For Nothing,” and it’s pretty clear that this isn’t a record that will have to wait a decade to get its due. The hooks are huge, the guitars are loud, and singer Ben Maddox’s howls recall a time when rock was a dangerous, life-or-death affair.

Spite is out NOW on Pau Wau Records

HUNDRED VISIONS Track: "Thanks For Nothing" Album:  Spite    Official Site  |  Facebook  |  Twitter

Track: "Thanks For Nothing"
Album: Spite

Official Site | Facebook | Twitter