"I Ain't Hurt" - Garcia Peoples

Sounds Like:

Deer Tick; Allman Fans Supreme; Many MANY late 90's jam bands (and that's OK); Whoa man. Like...WHOAAAA

Why You Should Care:

Hailing from the "wilderness" of New Jersey, Garcia Peoples are AS ADVERTISED devoted to the jam. But a lot has changed since the heady days of miracles and roses. The band Pavement for example. Just like its spiritual forerunners (looking at you Pocket Full Of Kryptonite and Four) Cosmic Cash, the bands latest EP, doesn't always achieve full orbit - and that's alright man. Because on the ragged and jagged "I Ain't Hurt" the soul of this band shines bright proving that even though the journey may be winding, taking the ride is ultimately what it is all about. 


Garcia Peoples
Track: "I Ain't Hurt"
Album: Cosmic Cash

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