INTERVIEW: Holograms



At the end of 2013, ChunkyGlasses sat down with Holograms at DC9 in Washington, DC on the first night of their US tour. In addition to talking about the new record, Forever, Holograms spoke about movies, life in Sweden and their stance on Michael Bay.

Chunkyglasses: With Forever being your second record to date, was there anything you four wanted to do differently than on your debut?

Anton Spetze: We wanted to sound bigger then we did on our first album (self-titled). We think we can get even bigger though on the next album.

CG: Speaking of a third album, are there any new things you want to try to accomplish?

Anton Sp: After we finish our tour, we actually are thinking of recording some songs but we aren’t thinking of a third full-length just yet.

Andreas Lagerström: We are thinking of adding some acoustic elements to future songs not in the sense of acoustic guitar but sonically. I might play cello on future songs.

CG: Have long have you been playing?

AL: I’ve been playing cello for about eleven years now. I took lessons for years.

Anton Sp: We were thinking of having that on future songs as a Euro-centric theme or maybe Nordic.

CG: Speaking of Euro-centric, what influenced the decision to sing in English as apposed to Swedish?

AL: Not many bands sing in Swedish. We decided on English because of how accepted it is. If we want to tour the United States, we’ll have to sing in English. You get a different sound, a different style, if you sing in English. English is a language we can handle.

CG: Have you four ever considered incorporating Swedish lyrics into a future release?

AL: We actually talked about it a couple days ago. It would be interesting to put a song or two in Swedish into a release.

Anton Strandberg: Maybe one day we’ll have an all-Swedish album (laughs).

Anton Sp: If Captured Tracks will let us do that then yeah.

CG: How did you guys get in touch with a record label miles away from Sweden? Did you contact them or was it the other way around?

AL: I contacted them actually. I sent them the promo music video for (Holograms’ first single) ABC City. The record wasn’t even done yet. We had professionally recorded about four or five songs on our own initiative at that point.

CG: With each album, how has living in Sweden influenced Holograms?

AL: Swedish folklore really speaks to me when I write.  

Anton SP: We don’t really talk as much about our nation itself and not exactly lore in itself.

Anton St: What about Thor?

AL: I love Thor but I heard the new movie sucks ass.

CG: Do people in Sweden watch Thor and think “Yeah, no…”?

AL: I don’t really know but the first was really stupid and I’ve been a fan of Marvel since I was a kid.

Anton St: Superhero movies are always so bad.

Filip Spetze: They’re all so hot though.

AL; I think someone more manly should’ve played Thor. Someone maybe from Sweden.

CG: Is it as bad as Michael Bay re-creating Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to be from space?

FS: I fucking hate Michael Bay. You can put that in the interview (laughs).  He’s…a sexist…sexy motherfucker (laughs).

AL: Anyway, I do really enjoy Swedish mythology and Nordic mythology in general.

CG: In addition to mythology, do you four find inspiration from other types of media?

Anton SP: Its weird, inspiration comes from weird places and in spurts. Its just a feeling I get.

AL: We have literary influences but actually one of the new songs on Forever is named after a book. Meditations is named after the writings of Marcus Aurelius.

CG: Where did you get the idea for the album cover of Forever?

AL: Some many different feelings come to light when I look at it. Its masculine beauty and dramatic.

CG: Lastly, if you could describe the new record in one word, what would that be?

Holograms: Forever.