INTERVIEW: Matthew Rain of Twin Tigers

We recently chatted with the front man of the Athens rock outfit Twin Tigers’ Matthew Rain to talk about their upcoming album: Death Wish. Matthew talked briefly about the new album, touring with the likes of The Soft Moon and Interpol, and how the album compares to the last album, Gray Waves.

ChunkyGlasses: Thank you for taking time to talk Matthew.

Matthew Rain: Of Course. It’s a pleasure.

CG: So tell me about the new album, Death Wish.

MR: Well the new album is us trying to go out on our own whereas the first album was more of a tribute to our youth. Instead of guitar, I’m playing more keyboard synths on the album while Forrest [Twin Tigers' guitarist] is handling the guitars. The stages we are playing just aren’t big enough yet to bring all this equipment with us for me to play guitar and keys live.

CG: Who mainly does the writing of your albums?

MR: I am mainly writing the songs with each member contributing their own part to the songs. Aimee contributes her bass, Logan with drums, and Forrest on guitar.

CG: You’ve been on tour with the likes of The Antlers, Interpol, and The Soft Moon. Would you say any of the bands you toured with have any influence on the new album?

MR: I wouldn’t really say they are influences as much as they are our peers. They have provided us a chance to support. It's more of a circle though really.

CG: On the topic of touring, is there anyone you plan on bringing on tour with you?

MR: We aren’t really at the point where we can really bring anyone with us on tour. It’ll mainly be local bands supporting us on each tour date.

CG: If you could bring anyone from the local Athens scene, who would you bring on tour?

MR: I mean if it has to be local I would like having this band Grass Giraffes on tour with us. They are really great.

CG: Anything else you can tell us about the album?

MR: The album is coming out on April 9th. We have 250 copies on vinyl on clear red and 250 on solid clear vinyl.

Twin Tigers will be playing backstage at the Black Cat on Sunday, April 21st. Check out the rest of their tour dates here and make sure to grab a copy of Death Wish on vinyl while the limited edition copies last!