Photo Credit: Anika Mottershaw

When you hear the name Peggy Sue, the first thing you think of isn't necessarily going to be dark, brooding soundscapes full of gorgeous harmonies and shimmering post punk guitars, but this trio from Brighton, England is aiming to change all of that. On their latest release, Acrobats, the group decided to plug in and turn up, and the results are often stunning, if not sublime. We had a chance to chat with the band about the new album and their US tour with First Aid Kit - which comes to DC's Black Cat TONIGHT - and this is what they had to say.

Some have described your sound as “electrified First Aid Kit”, which makes it fitting that you are touring with them,  but that’s only really scratching the surface. What artists, old or new do you pull inspiration from when you’re writing/working out songs?

We have a pretty diverse collection of influences. There is definitely some folk in our songwriting style - the story telling and the imagery. Some of our all time favourites are probably the weird female voices and intertwining guitar parts of bands like Breeders, Throwing Muses and Sleater-Kinney but vocally we've got pretty strong R'n'B roots that creep out a lot of the time. Recently we made a covers album of pop songs from the 50's and 60's and have been getting really into the idea of the pop song and lots of backing vocals. I think that will probably be a big influence on our new songs.

How did you guys meet/become a band?

Rosa and I were at school together and then both living in Brighton studying we had quite a lot of shared friends and musical obsessions.

Back in 2008, you used to be known as Peggy Sue and The Pirates. Why the name change?

We changed the name when Olly joined on drums because the sound changed quite a lot and we wanted it to be clearer that it was a band.

How do you feel your music has been received here as opposed to, back home in Brighton?
I don't think it's that different to be honest. We are quite an acquired taste so people either love it or don't get it and that's the same wherever we play.

What is the favorite show you’ve ever played?
It's always great to play in London because it's a bit of a homecoming.

What is the band looking forward to most in 2012?
Writing our third album.

Optional bonus question that we ask every artist: Hall or Oates?

Porridge oats.


Check out to the video for "Changed and Waiting" below to get a better taste of the awesome that is Peggy Sue. Then carry your ass to Craiglist and track down a ticket, because the show tonight is SOLD OUT, but it's definitely one that you're not going to want to miss.

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