Jamila Woods @ Union Stage [DC] - 6/4/2019

"Oh, I'm different, I'm a cup of mild sauce" isn't just Jamila Woods's opening line on LEGACY! LEGACY! or how she began her sold-out show at Union Stage Tuesday night, but it's indicative of what she has to offer through her music and stage presence. LEGACY! LEGACY! , her latest album is unapologetically black, an embodies black excellence by plucking inspiration from African-American greats as seen in her track listing.

Before her singing "Blk Girl Soldier" from HEAVN, her smile radiated as she asked for the crowd to make some noise for the black women in the crowd. It happened, and the love was felt throughout the venue regardless of color or sex. Songs such as "HOLY," "GIOVANNI," and "EARTHA" displayed Jamila Woods's voice is just as lush as it is in the studio.

Jamila Woods at Union Stage (Photo by Avery Junius)

Jamila Woods at Union Stage (Photo by Avery Junius)

Jamila Woods was joined on the LEGACY! LEGACY! Tour by Nitty Scott from Brooklyn, New York whose latest project is titled, Creature. Nitty Scott appears on "Sonia" off of Jamila Woods's most recent album titled LEGACY! LEGACY! which is available now!

Photos by Avery Junius

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