“Jenny Come Home” - Andy Shauf

Sounds Like:

Elliot Smith, Wilco

Why You Should Care:

One of the newest artists on Anti- Records (label of the two influences cited above), Saskatchewan’s Shauf is poised to break out. Andy Shauf’s 2015 record Bearer of Bad News was a breathtaking collection of mostly harsh tales about drug addiction, murder, and the kind of world-weary ne’er-do-wells that would feel right at home in songs by another of Shauf’s labelmates – Tom Waits.

Musically, “Jenny Come Home” (released last October) is a little more upbeat, but thematically right on course with Shauf’s other music. Performed from the perspective of a man cheating on his significant other, who is caught in bed with another woman after the titular Jenny’s building burns down and she’s left with nowhere else to go. Happens to the best of us.

Andy Shauf  Track: "Jenny Come Home" Album:  Bearer of Bad News    Official Site    |  Facebook   |  Twitter  

Andy Shauf
Track: "Jenny Come Home"
Album: Bearer of Bad News

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