Justin's Top 10 of 2012 (so far)

How do you get to be a writer for ChunkyGlasses? Apparently win tickets to a Damien Jurado show. Justin came to us out of a shared love of music, won his tickets to a sweet show, then threw in a "BTW...I can write and s@#@." And guess what? He wasn't kidding. He's got a Master's in the @#@$. Pair that with a deep appreciation and knowledge of music both old and new, and our newest addition to the team has turned out to be a total winner...even if he happens to like that damn Japandroids record much as the rest of you other ingrates. 

#1 Great Lake Swimmers – New Wild Everywhere

An album that combines the best of everything this fantastic Canadian band does. It’s alternately catchy and beautiful, and there isn’t a single wasted second on it.

#2 Japandroids – Celebration Rock

This record deserves every accolade it’s currently getting. It’s the kind of record that makes you wake up in the morning and be happy that you can listen to it.

#3 Dan Bern – Drifter

A back-to-roots record from the long travelling folk singer. There are stories, laughs, heartbreak, and wonderful instrumentation by his band, Common Rotation.


#4 Alex Winston – King Con

 An amazing voice combined with a heap of songs that are all catchy and melodious. “Host” is a standout, but these are all great.

#5 Tennis – Young & Old

A knock against Black Key Patrick Carney’s production style is that he makes every band he produces sound like the Black Keys. On other records that’s a mistake, but it works perfectly for the reverbed sound ofYoung and Old.

#6 Cold Specks – Predict a Graceful Exit

Rob Ellis does for the oddly named Al Spx what he did for PJ Harvey, giving an eerie feeling to Spx’s haunting vocals and music.

#7 Sharon Van Etten – Tramp

Producer Aaron Dessner (of The National) finally convinces Van Etten to step to the microphone and belt it out, and the result is a string of tales about leaving and being left works all the way through.

#8 Dent May – Do Things

The album the Beach Boys should have made sees Dent May putting away the ukulele but creating the best album of summer music in years.

#9 Trampled By Turtles – Stars and Satellites

Two rare slow songs kick off this, the Turtle’s sixth studio album. Not likely they’ll win too many new fans with what is still bluegrass on speed, but longtime listeners will enjoy the way this band has jelled.

#10 Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Out of Frequency

Yes the lyrics are insipid and the second act is a little week, but the good things about this amazingly fun record far outweigh the bad.

 Tomorrow: Old School Ethan and Kevin's Top 10, otherwise known as THE WORD.