Keath Mead - "Grow Up"

Sounds Like:

Chilled out singer/songwriter plugged into the glitches and  bleeps of the information age; heady beach sunset rock by way of South Carolina; 10cc; Todd Rundgren.

Why You Should Care:  

If Toro Y Moi aka Chaz Bundick’s ringing endorsement of “Listen to this good s###.” (Mead recorded this and other tunes with Bundick), then how about this: A hearty mix of quarter-life anxiety mixed with some sterling pop chops has never steered anyone wrong? That do it for ya? 

If you are one who prefers their pop slightly off kilter with a side of fuzzy and buzzy, then South Carolina native Keath Mead has got the tunes for you. On “Grow Up”, a lo-fi-bedroom-recording vibe quickly gives way to spacious harmonies, faint electronic warbles and a chorus that wouldn’t sound a bit out of  place on the charts in the early 70’s alongside the likes of 10cc and Todd Rundgren.  It’s young dood angst shot through a moog shaped Beach-Boys-tinted lens that grabs your ear with its subtle weirdness but hooks you with its sonic overload and, most importantly, heart.

Recorded in Chaz Bundick’s (aka Tory Y Moi ) home studio, Mead’s debut album Sunday Dinner has yet to see the light of day, but if “Grow Up” and the other two tracks he’s posted on Soundcloud are any indication, we’re in for a treat when it finally drops.

Keath Mead Track: "Polite Refusal" Album:  Sunday Dinner   (unreleased)   Soundcloud  |  Twitter

Keath Mead
Track: "Polite Refusal"
Album: Sunday Dinner  (unreleased)

Soundcloud | Twitter