Line & Circle - "Wounded Desire"

Sounds Like: Peter Buck sneaking listens to john Denver's greatest in the back of the Wuxtry in Athens.

Why You Should Care: Line & Circle are a band of Brians who met in college and inevitably moved to San Francisco, and started a band. Brian J. Cohen & Brian Egan’s band snuck into our hearts almost two years ago with the irresistible cut, “Roman Ruins” and have slowly following that up with snippets and songs, finally emerging with an EP of finely crafted songs.

They wear their influences on their sleeve, recalling early jangly guitar R.E.M. and a few other later 90s bands. “Wounded Desire,” from their just released self-titled EP does not stray far from that influence, but brings another one in. John Denver isn’t the first person you think of as influencing independent music, but the way that Line & Circle hints at “Leaving on a Jet Plane” might make people see Denver’s influence in a different light. But even with all the influences, Line & Circle are making their own mark, overlaying their own style to the classic Alterna-90s sound. 

Line & Circle's self-titled EP is out NOW. 

LINE & CIRCLE Track: "Wounded Desire" Album: Line & Circle   Official Site   |   Facebook   |   Twitter   

Track: "Wounded Desire"
Album: Line & Circle

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