"Liquid Deep" - Dreamcast

What it sounds like:

The smoothest voice to ever soundtrack the Miami Vice credits reel

Why you should care:

DC musician and CMPVTER CLVB associate Dreamcast has been slowly building his cred with a throwback R&B sound thrust into the modern age, and it could not be clearer than on his latest single, “Liquid Deep”. The song is a transatlantic collaboration between Dreamcast and Stockholm-based producer SASAC, with the two connecting after Dreamcast sent back vocals over a beat that SASAC had posted on Soundcloud. A minimalist R&B lover’s dream the track features vintage bass grooves and vocals that channel the best of Luther Vandross and Keith Sweat. By the end, listeners will be left with little doubt that nobody else can do 80s-era R&B better than these two right now. And the best part? More is yet to come from these two.

“Liquid Deep” is out now through DC label People’s Potential Unlimited.

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Track: "Liquid Deep"