Liv Warfield - "Why Do You Lie"

Liv Warfield Track: "Why Do You Lie" Album:  The Unexpected

Liv Warfield
Track: "Why Do You Lie"
Album: The Unexpected

Sounds Like: Sharon Jones if the Dap Kings were Living Color, with a kick ass horn section.

 Why You Should Care: Aren't you tired of R and B that has only been remotely influenced by human beings? Isn't it nice to have actual bands and actual horn sections instead of producer’s simply moving cursors around? More "people playing instruments and singing" and less "building soundscapes?”. It's been a long time since we've had a woman who is killing it instead of having the studio kill it for her.

It’s refreshing to hear a soul singer with a powerful voice that has an equally powerful band behind her. Most of the time it’s tough to get that balance right. If the band is too powerful it drowns out the voice, or if the band lays back too much the whole thing ends up sounding weak. But Liv Warfield and the band are on a level playing field, and the results pretty much speak for themselves.