LIVE: OFF! @ The Fillmore Silver Spring - 7/16/12

22 things you need to know about OFF!:

  1. Keith Morris was a founding member of Black Flag and Circle Jerks.
  2. Keith Morris is now the lead singer of OFF!
  3. He still plays hardcore.
  4. Unironic, unapologetic, real hardcore.
  5. The rest of the band includes members of Rocket from the Crypt,
    Redd Kross and Burning Brides.
  6. They sound exactly like you’d expect them to.
  7. That’s loud, fast, and direct…
  8. With a heavy dollop of “fuck yeah.”
  9. Their longest song is 1:36.
  10. Which is awesome…
  11. If you want to bang your head, jump around, and lose your hearing…
  12. Which we did at the Fillmore last Monday.
  13. The band played ~24 songs…
  14. In about 35 minutes (including a few much needed breaks).
  15. It was one of the most genuine and entertaining shows of the year.
  16. These guys love what they do and truly appreciate their fans…
  17. and it shows in everything they do.
  18. In the time it took you to read this…
  19. You could have listened to half of their new album…
  20. Which is a better use of your time.
  21. So buy it, play it, and crank it to 11.
  22. Permanent hearing damage never felt so good.

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