LIVE:Jane's Addiction @ The 9:30 Club - 12/28/12

With the release of their fourth and most current album The Great Escape Artist, Jane’s Addiction rocked a sold-outsurprise show at the 9:30 Club.  A line wrapped around the block as fans anxiously waited to see some of the alternative rock’s pioneer gods.

A Pink Floyd interlude played in the background as Jane’s Addiction walked on stage with a great authoritative demeanor. They began their set with “Underground” from their latest album and then quickly to their older hit “Mountain Song” from their 1988 release, Nothing’s Shocking.  Lead singer Perry Farrell introduced himself to the crowd and admitted that he was sick the last time he was at the 9:30 Club, but this time, he was ready! Was the crowd ready? Hellz yeah.  He then smoothly transitioned to singing, “Just Because” from Strays in 2003.

Suddenly, fans went absolutely crazy as the beginning chords were strummed on the fourth song.  No barking dogs heard on this version, but the recognizable riff to “Been Caught Stealing” certainly caught everyone’s attention. The song was from their 1990 album, Ritual de lo habitual and one of Jane’s most chart topping singles. 

Four songs in and the band touched on all four of their released studio albums. From then on there was a mixture of different songs from the four but always touching back on the classics like “Ain’t No Right”, “Stop” and “Three Days” – all paying homage to their history and how far they have come but also satisfying their loyal fans through the years.

 Soon after, Jane’s Addiction loosened up a lot more and interacted with their fans in an up close and personal level: Farrell took mobile photos of himself from fans’ phones, Dave Navarro straddled the stage and the barricade with his rock power stance, Chris Chaney grabbed hold of his bass and went to work, Stephen Perkins kept the beat and remained the intricate pulse and lifeline to the whole team. 

As “Jane Says” played during the encore, enamored faces lit the crowd and sang along to the familiar song.  Jane’s Addiction has been around for decades and their following has only grown bigger. The only thing addicting about this band are their hits and stage presence. Hopefully you’ll be able to catch these living legends on tour at a city near you.