Loi Loi, Re-TROS, Body Puzzle @ Dew Drop Inn - 7/24/2017

Local DIY organizers DCDIT put on a show at the Dew Drop Inn that featured two local musical acts as well as one from Beijing. First up was Body Puzzle, the musical project of DC-based artist Anthony Pirog. He composed the sheet music for his five-piece band, creating an intriguing musical journey that took listeners through twisting and unexpected paths. Their musical influences were all over the place, with crime noir-like mysterious sax solos at times and dreamlike, woozy guitars at others. Body Puzzle is a new project from Pirog, so new music is incoming.

Beijing's Re-TROS at Dew Drop Inn (Photo by Mauricio Castro /  @themauricio )

Beijing's Re-TROS at Dew Drop Inn (Photo by Mauricio Castro / @themauricio)

The second act of the night was Beijing-based post-punk band Re-TROS (full name Rebuilding the Rights of Statues). The three-piece band used live synths, looping pedals, and guitars that were augmented by buzzy pre-recorded synths. Their performance was immensely visceral and brash, employing haunting bass lines and guitars reminiscent of early !!! and The Rapture, but with more intention to mosh than to dance. Though the songs’ lyrics were largely in Chinese, it didn’t take any translation to understand that they put on a powerful performance. They will be opening for Xiu Xiu at Songbyrd in September, and their album Before the Applause is set to be released on September 22 through Modern Sky Records USA.

The final act of the night was DC-based duo Loi Loi. Singer Kristie Di Lascio was a frenetic ball of energy throughout the performance while sibling John Di Lascio (also known as Johnny Fantastic of Stronger Sex) worked methodically on synth and programming duties. Though they were the only act without drums and guitars in their repertoire, the layers and layers of 80s videogame-inspired sounds kept the crowd energized through the very end. Their latest single is the track “1985” through BLIGHT. Records.


Photos by Mauricio Castro
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