Loop Line - "Cut That Wave"

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Loop Line
Track: "Cut That Wave"
Album: Tides

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Sounds Like: New Wavvy synth punk circa 1986, futurist garage pop

Why You Should Care: Not only was this sonically dense track recorded by just two doods, those two doods were living in different countries when they recorded it. TAKE THAT INDIE ROCKER APATHY!

Normally here’s where we try to sell you on all the esoteric ins and outs of a band’s latest track. How it harkens back to some obscure record YOU’VE probably never heard of, how hearing it will change time and space (though to be fair, the band does bill their album Tides as “THE BEST ALBUM OF THE CENTURY”) or how it is going to change your FREAKING LIFE, YOU JUST DON’T FREAKING KNOW DOOD.

And you know what? Maybe it will. But more important than any of that is how they made this record, and for that I will defer to the words of the band themselves:

Loop Line consists of two members: Luke, who currently lives in Japan, and Paul, who currently lives in the USA. While we have both played in bands together for years, we started Loop Line when Luke moved abroad. While we occasionally are lucky enough to get together in the same room, we mostly write and record entirely online by sending demos back and forth until they morph into completed songs. Tides, our debut album, was written and recorded this way. Because we like to make things as difficult as possible, we decided to try and make Tides as grand of a statement as possible: a 21-track album where each song flows into the next, with thematically connected lyrics, that is meant to be listened to as a whole, but consisting of songs that can still be enjoyed on their own taken out of the album context. We feel like we accomplished all those goals with Tides, but we also thought it was a good idea to make a 50 minute album together while living on different continents, so what do we know?

 And there you have it. Proof positive that there is NOTHING TO IT, BUT TO DO IT.

Check out the track "Cut That Wave" below, and download/stream their album Tides FOR FREE over on Loop Line’s BandCamp site. Something tells me they won’t be touring near your town anytime soon, but hey, what do I know?