Martian Manhunter - "Never Try"

Martian Manhunter Track: "Never Try" Album:  Depressed Leopard / Never Try  7"   FACEBOOK

Martian Manhunter
Track: "Never Try"
Album: Depressed Leopard / Never Try 7"


Sounds Like:
The back corner of the sweatiest practice garage ever, loud fuzzy pop songs beamed straight from the soul, a scrappier Weezer that's drunk on the bummer side of life

Why You Should Care:
Raw, ragged, and full of heart, this is the sound of a band in love with rock n roll, who want you to love it too.

Full disclosure: Martian Manhunter front man Thor Slaughter lived in my basement for a few months at the end of last summer. During that time there were deep discussions about music (obviously), lots of space/fuzz jamz (obvious if you've ever met Thor ) and pizza. Good lord was there pizza. But there was also lots and lots if talk about what Thor was gonna do when he returned to Eugene. And more often than not it always came back to him wanting to start a band named Martian Manhunter.

Jump forward to now.

Built on equal parts fuzz, pop acumen and plain old balls to the wall ambition, Martian Manhunter is finally a reality and you can hear their first single off their debut 7" below. A confessional dirge that's part rock n roll sermon, part confused, sweaty youth , "Never Stay" assaults you with dual guitar wattage with one hand and begs you for a hug with the other. It's the sound of a bunch of young doods (and a doodette) who are at that point on their life that they're uncertain of just about everything around them except for a singular, shared knowledge that they're goddamn ready to rock, and want you to come along with em'.

So buy the ticket. Take the ride. This may be the start of something big.  

Hear both tracks HERE