NJOY - “ジューシーな [JUICY]”

Sounds Like:

Vaporwave meets smooth jazz

Why You Should Care:

The New Zealand based artist collective, Chill Children, caught my ear a year ago with their refreshingly relaxed style of electronic music. Since then, the group has been steadily gaining momentum on Soundcloud with their forward-thinking, down-tempo tunes.

One of group’s most recent releases comes from an artist called NJOY. The artist hops on the craze for Japanese characters that seems to be captivating the abstract youth culture, titling his song “ジューシーな” or “Juicy,” for those of us who aren’t so with it. Fitting its name, succulent saxophone solos dominate the vapor-wavy track which promise to whisk you off to the land of infinite chill. Minimal percussion and subtle synths only serve to highlight the sexy sax as it meanders through your ears. Definitely throw this one on your lounging playlist ASAP and enjoy NJOY.


“ジューシーな [JUICY]”
Track: "NJOY"