"Now" - Miguel

Sounds Like:

Sexy, Sexy Social Justice; Prince's legacy beginning to bear out; Miguel AF

Why You Should Care:

Los Angeles native (and sex-symbol supreme) Miguel (Miguel Jontel Pimentel) winds down 2017’s slinky War & Leisure on a political note. Filmed at a protest near a California detention center, “Now” takes mass incarceration and detention of immigrants to task, kicking things off with a direct shot at the madness of the current administration's policies towards, well, EVERYONE.

"CEO of the free world now / Build your walls up high and wide / Make it rain to keep them out / That won't change what we are inside.”

The speaking of unambiguous truth to power has a long history in music with artists like Prince, Sly Sylvester, and Stevie Wonder changing the world through their songs, With “Now” Miguel is answering the call and taking his rightful place alongside his heroes.

Miguel sing about this and less serious matters when his The Ascension Tour rolls into the nation's capital this Tuesday (9/4) with DVSN and Nonchalant Savant opening.

Tickets and more information is available HERE, so smash that link and get ready to get down. 


Track: "Now"
Album: War & Leisure

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