Ocean Versus Daughter - "I Can Hear It" (Long Version/Demo)

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Ocean Versus Daughter
Track: "I Can Hear It" (Long Version/Demo)

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Sounds Like:
Female-fronted, ivories-driven, dance-friendly indie, with a side of sweet cello.

Why You Should Care:
Because their awesomeness literally cannot be contained to just one continent.

Formed in the Czech Republic by local Virginian and frontwoman Flanna Sheridan, Ocean Versus Daughter have been busy spreading their infectious sounds across both sides of the pond.  Following the release of their debut album, Slightly Parted, they returned to the U.S. in 2012 to grace RVA, D.C., and surrounding with the piano-heavy hooks, quiet but explosive intensity, and telltale drink-friendly singalong choruses that make these gifted musicians’ live show a musical journey well worth taking.

Now working on their sophomore album drive (whose video alone easily puts it in the running for Most Charming Kickstarter Campaign Ever), OvD has its sights set on a hopeful late-summer album release. Their demo, “I Can Hear It,” produced by Baltimore’s Rob Girardi of Beach House fame, seems to herald a shift toward a punchier, more uptempo sound, a departure from their subtle but moody earlier work. “I know this electrical thing has a spirit,” repeats the driving piano-meets-postpunk opening refrain, as the song implores us to enjoy things as they are rather than dwelling on what they aren’t. I’ll dance to that.

Building on their followings in Prague and Berlin, Ocean Versus Daughter embark this summer on their fifth European tour. Keep eyes and ears peeled to catch them locally before they set sail!