Ovlov - “The Great Crocodile”

Sounds Like: Speedy Ortiz, Dinosaur Jr.  

Why You Should Care: A more talented band tackles a similar formula and succeeds

Few bands navigate the loud, often reverb-drenched and fuzz filled waters between indie rock and punk as creatively as Connecticut based band Ovlov. Last year’s Am was a beautiful, if not raw debut from a band whose merits are often lauded by label mates Pile and Krill, a loyal fan base, and recently, a growing number of critics and blogs.

Last week, the band released a new single, ubiquitously titled “The Great Crocodile” as part of a 7” split release with Little Big League on Tiny Engines records. A year after Am’s release, the new track features a natural expansion and refinement of a young band’s sound – most notably in the sharper lyrics and delivery from frontman Steve Hartlett. Still, Ovlov has retained their compositional structure and tendency to jam – only two minutes of the five-minute track feature vocals, leaving the rest to evolve into distorted bliss.   

Closing with a building solo that leaves just a little bit to be desired – and then ends abruptly, Ovlov has loudly declared their ambitious talent. The band is on their way up, and “The Great Crocodile” is a necessary and welcome stepping-stone.