Paul's Top 10 of 2012 (so far)

What's a word economist? F@#@ if I know, but Paul is a pretty damn good one. And while we may not agree (Often? Ever?) on what is good in new music these days, ChunkyGlasses just wouldn't be the same without his "dark cloud" of curmodgeonly goodness. 

Oh, and that picture above is both recent and accurate. Resistance is futile. 

#1 Japandroids – Celebration Rock

Fireworks lead off the album and fireworks end it.  In between, its just pure fist pumping, chorus shouting, rock awesomeness.  Play it before you go out, play it during your party, play it while you drive down the open road late at night on your way to the party (but watch your speed)…really just play it…and enjoy.

#2 Leonard Cohen – Old Ideas

After all these years, Leonard Cohen can still play circles around just about every other singer/songwriter out there.  He brings a rarely seen maturity and perspective to the observant story songs that make up Old Ideas without falling into the morbidity that sometimes characterizes the latter day efforts of some older artists.

#3 Chromatics – Kill For Love

The soundtrack to that impossibly cool, slightly surreal neo-noir you’ve been meaning to write for the past ten years.  Or is that just me?  Play it the next time you find yourself walking through a darkened lounge in slow motion.

#4 Beach House – Bloom

Some have criticized Beach House for not deviating from the successful dream pop formula of Teen Dream.  But to my ears Bloom is a refinement of their now trademark sound…and I’ve never complained about having too much of a good thing.

#5 Frankie Rose – Interstellar

Frankie Rose has been around the (Williamsburg) block from girl group revival to noise rock and indie pop.  But, on the appropriately titled Interstellar, she blasts off into a spacey place all her own.

#6 Cloud Nothings – Attack on Memory

Oh Steve Albini, you had me at “Stay Useless.”  Oh yeah, the band is good too…real good.

#7 School of Seven Bells – Ghostory

I’m a sucker for concept albums (blame overexposure to prog in high school) and shoegaze (blame My Bloody Valentine).  As I noted after their show [/content/live-music-school-of-seven-bells-the-black-cat-4512.html], Ghostory excels in both categories.

#8La Sera – Sees The Light

A fantastic pop/punk breakup album from former Vivian Girl, Kickball Katy Goodman.  Get to know her know before she blows up and catch her excellent live show next time she comes through.

#9 Father John Misty – Fear Fun

A bit uneven for my tastes but the highs (“Only Son of the Ladiesman,” “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings”) are rapturous enough to more than counteract the Fleet Foxes B-sides that pop up from time to time.

#10 Screaming Females -  Ugly: This album shreds.  Just a welcome blast of aggressive, well-crafted guitar ROCK all the way through.  I have a feeling this one is going to stick around for the whole year.  I’m kicking myself for missing their Black Cat date.

Tune in tommorrow when we check out our Virginia contingents lists...and possibly fight with a yeti.