Photos: The Rosebuds @ The 9:30 Club - 8/2/11

So we may have been a little late on this one, but it's only because we're totally freaking swamped and/or lazy we love The Rosebuds so much and wanted the photos to come out just right. 

If you couldn't get a ticket to see the band on their last stop through DC, blame your fellow man's undying love of Bon Iver for that. It was a fantastic, albeit truncated, set that left the audience wanting more.

Well you're in luck! The Rosebuds are coming back to play the Rock and Roll Hotel on October 20th. If that date sounds familiar to you, it's because that's the SAME day that Wild Flag/Eleanor Friedberger are planning to blow up The Black Cat. Oh, unkind universe, how could you be so cruel?!!

Soooo looks like it's decision time people. You've got THREE awesome bands in town on the same night. You can only see one (well, technically 2). What do you do?

What. Do. You. DO?

Click on the link below to see the rest of the shots from The Rosebuds stop at the 9:30. And if you haven't already, be sure to pick up their excellent album Loud Planes Fly Low for a measely $5 over at It's one of the best releases of the year and an absolute MUST buy.

PHOTOS: The Rosebuds @  9:30 Club - 8/2/11

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