Press Play: Eidolons - "Hopeful Antiquarian"

Sounds Like: M. Ward, The Silver Jews, Portland
Why You Should Care: Jangly, freaky guitar driven folk has never EVER steered you wrong.

We're not gonna lie...the band Eidolons couldn't be more Portland if they tried. In a recent writeup on The Deli the foursome was described as having been "...formed out of the misty forest campus of Lewis & Clark College, a mutual love for the Silver Jews, a baffling band-wide fluency in Chinese, and a shared experience studying Gray Wolves for four months in a remote Alaskan town.", and...well...that just about speaks for itself doesn't it?

What it doesn't tell you though is that there is a depth to Eidolon's music that goes far beyond wolves, Chinese or Patchouli. A lot of thought and heart has been put into making these arrangements work, and just when you think you've got a bead of where this band is going, they shift gears to drop a "Cosmic Special" on your ass and leave you floating across the universe, or at least into the lonely pines of the Pacific Northwest.

Check out the track "Hopeful Antiquarian" off of Eidolons excellent EP Wolf Den, and let us know what you think. But why stop there? The entire album is available FOR FREE on the bands website, so take the plunge, and pray that you don't get as addicted to this band as we've become.



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