Press Play: Electric Guest - This Head I Hold

Sounds like: Gnarls Barkley, uptempo soul, late 90s-early 00s big beat.
Why you should care: Anything Danger Mouse-produced instantly deserves a listen, this one doesn't disappoint.

Anchored by a catchy piano riff, an uptempo funk break, and some killer falsetto vocals, Electric Guest's upcoming (out tomorrow!) Danger Mouse-produced single This Head I Hold is an unapologetic soulful pop track that once again demonstrates Danger Mouse's creative prowess knows no genre limitations.

Even without knowing the DM association, Gnarls Barkley comparisons are inevitable upon a first listen. But far from being a rehash of where we've already been, this track finds Danger Mouse going in a distinctly more uplifting, party music direction compared to the earlier collaboration with Cee Lo Green.
This track recalls late 90s Fatboy Slim as much as Gnarls Barkley.  In fact, the dance music vibe is so strong, I can't wait for a club-ready remix to extend the track beyond its paltry three minute run time.  

Listening to the other Electric Guest tracks available out there, it’s clear the group has greater range than just this one sound.  The group has announced a debut album (also produced by Danger Mouse) due out on Downtown Records on April 24, and if the album can put 40+ minutes of sounds like this together, you’ll be likely to hear all about here first.  But until then, this track remains a great way to start the day.

Check out the single, and let us know what you think in the comments below.