Press Play: Flock Of Dimes - I Can't Tell You Why (scrwd)

Sounds Like: The Eagles (duh) if they had landed on "The Crow" soundtrack; subterranean R&B
Why you should care: FOD happens to be Jen Wasner's "side" project when not dominating the world with Wye Oak. Need I say more.

First off. Yes, it's an Eagle's cover. Secondly. Yes it was made by Jen Wasner from Wye Oak.

Everyone knows that side projects for members of a successful band can either end up being a fantastically creative outlet for an artist, sometimes even surpassing the work of their full-time band (see Jenny Lewis's Rabbit Fur Coat). Other times though, the venture ends up as sort of an embarassing "huh?" of a record (see Craig Finn's recent solo effort) that is better left untouched and unheard by anyone except that artists super-fans.

Since Flock of Dimes isn't really and official OFFICIAL side project/break from Wye Oak, then it's hard to say where this falls along that spectrum. But given what we've heard so far, it's probably a safe bet that if and Wasner does choose to expand these songs into a more cohesive project, the results are probably going to be hanging out in Awesomtown with the rest of her musical children.

Until that happens though, what we're left with is a cover that exposes the creepy soul underneath the Timothy Schmidt penned song. Wasner has taken the easy going hit and turned it into a dark, emotionally raw dirge demonstrates not only how remarkable an artist she can be, but that the Eagles, despite all the vitriol lobbed at them, actually wrote some pretty substanitively deep material.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think. Flock Of Dimes will perform at The Black Cat on February 16th, so stay tuned for more info!