PRESS PLAY: Hundred Visions - "Last Cab From Tunis" (video)

Sounds Like: Talking Heads, LCD Soundsystem, the twang of South Texas and just about everything else that is right in the world.
Why You Should Care: Trust us. We're pros. 

We get our fair share of submissions here every day and in an effort to keep things somewhat organized we try to put everything into one of four piles. There's the good pile, the bad pile and then there’s the’s best we don’t talk about that pile. But then there’s that last pile in which we throw things that we like to refer to as "THOSE THINGS WHICH ROCK OUR FACES MORE THAN ANY OTHER THAT HAS COME BEFORE”, and right now Hundred Visions is setting right at the tippy top of that mass. Hell, they may be levitating above it.

In a post LCD Soundsystem world, there has never been any doubt that the band would influence scores upon scores of younger artists. While we’re not suggesting that Hundred Visions is some sort of LCD clone - in fact they are the farthest thing from it - what we ARE saying is that this group from Austin, TX has apparently tapped into the same primordial rock soup that James Murphy swam laps in daily. And just like James Murphy, Hundred Visions have managed to create a sound that pulls from multiple disparaging elements at once to produce something that is altogether more rocktacular than almost anything that came before it.

But enough talking, let’s get to listening. Check out the track “Last Train From Tunis” below, then head on over to the bands Bandcamp page where you can stream their entire EP. THEN make sure you’re at the Rock and Roll Hotel in DC TONIGHT where Hundred Visions will be opening  for fellow Austinites White Denim. Show time is at 8:30 PM SHARP! We’ll see you there.

Stream "Last Cab From Tunis" here!