Press Play: Jonathan Wilson - Desert Raven

Sounds Like: America and The Allman Brothers got it on in a van, and this is their offspring; 1976
Why you should care: Less revisionist than an extension of an era gone by, Johnson has got the chops to transport you back to a time that was far more groovy than today.

Doods! WE'RE GETTING A VAN! Thats f@#@ing right! A VAN!!! We're getting a van, and we're heading out into the desert, and we're gonna do all, and I do mean ALL of the peyote we can find. The lizard king is out there doods, and we're gonna ride the f@#@ing snake!!! IN OUR VAN!!!

Or, maybe not.

But listening to Jonathan Wilson's album Gentle Spirit, it's hard to imagine that this wouldn't be a good idea. A great idea in fact. Somehow Wilson has managed to take the very best parts of the psychedelic-tinged southern rock of the 70's and channel them into a minor modern masterpiece of Marshall Tucker Band-ian proportions. Clocking it at just over 78 minutes, Gentle Spirit is a true journey of a record. But it's one that's so sweet with  musical nostalgia and rich with natural imagery that we'll take it willingly, over and over again.

The song "Desert Raven" is just one stop on the road of Jonathan Wilson, but it should give you a good idea of what you're in for. So pull over to the side of the road, kick open the doors of your van, and take in a glorious desert sunset. That's living man. L-I-V-I-N.


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