Press Play: Lower Dens - "Brains"

Sounds like: Joy Division, The National, Dundalk
Why you should care: Hometeam, yo! 

In 2010 Lower Dens put out one of the more criminally underated albums of the year. Heavily referencing the murky, synth driven sounds of 80's bands Joy Division and Depeche Mode, Twin-Hand Movement proved that not only was that particular style of music not dead, but that it's future was being rewritten and reimagined in the recent hotbead of musical innovation that is Baltimore, MD.

Well now it's 2012 and the group is back with a brand new album call Nootropics in the pipe and have just released "Brains", the first single for the album for you to dress up in black and mope to rock your giant-guitar-electronica-loving heart to.

Nootropics (pronounced No-eh-tro-pics), out May 1st (North America) / April 30th (Rest of the world) on Ribbon Music.

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