Press Play: Pat Jordache - Get It (I Know You're Going To)

Sounds Like: TV On The Radio, Animal Collective, tUnE-yArDs.
Why You Should Care: Any friend of Merrill's is a friend of ours.

tUnE-yArDs is coming to town this weekend. We all know it. We all love it. And we all (hopefully) have our tickets. But we're here to tell you that you need to make sure to get to the show EARLY or your going to miss an artist that could prove to be just as exciting as the main event.

Hailing from Montreal, Pat Jordache writes challenging music frequently attacks  the idea of exactly what a pop song can be. This should come as no surprise as Jordache used to be a band mate of Merrill Garbus's (the face behind tUnE-yArDs) until she split for the west coast and her ultimate feaky cool destiny. Make no mistake though, these are two birds of a very different feather. 

Where Garbus's material is as sometimes sparse as it is complex, Jordache fills his songs with an energetic noise. Melodies gurgle just under the surface as Jordache builds his sonic sculptures around images adn reports from the depths of his psyche. His music requires that attention be paid by the listener, but the rewards often far outweighs the effort put in.

And then there's the story of how his latest album ultimately came to see the light of day:

"'Future Songs' was marked complete in the late winter of 2010 when JORDACHE's computer was stolen from a roadside smoked meat shop in the city's West Island.  Despite lengthy efforts toward relocating the missing machine (involving several staged purchase attempts with Kijiji sellers of similar models), the sessions and masters were lost.  The only remaining backup, an 160 kbps MP3 version of the record, was released on cassette and Bandcamp as the first incarnation of 'Future Songs.'  The record quickly found a following and musicians began petitioning JORDACHE to join him in a live ensemble, leading to more extensive touring through the house and loft show curcuits of North America.

Wave file format backup mixes eventually surfaced on a forgotten mediafire account, pre-dating the MP3 home-master.  These were re-mastered for the Constellation release of the record, a symbolic scrubbing away of one layer of production murk, an overture towards inclusiveness and a concession to a broader audience."

Crazy, right? But that's enough talk. This is Press Play, so now it's time for you to listen. And remember, we'll meet you at show EARLY Saturday. This is one opener you're not going to want to miss.

Pat Jordache - Get It (I Know You're Going To)


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