Press Play: Punch Brothers - "Movement and Location"

Sounds Like: A lightning bolt of awesome going through your brain; psychopopabillygrass; Punch Brothers
Why you should care: Punch Brothers are one of the most exciting bands performing anywhere. True.Story.

Originally a sort of post Nickel Creek side project for mandolinist extraordinaire Chris Thile, Punch Brothers, it turns out, has developed into one of the most exciting American bands in recent memory.

In 2010 the band released Antifogmatic to widespread critical acclaim. Blending the familiar sounds and song conventions of bluegrass with some whole-heartedly pyschotic pop sensibilities that would make Frank Zappa proud, Thile and his band of lunatics created a challenging yet compelling work of art that sounds unlike just about anything that came before it. In fact the only way you can accurately describe a Punch Brothers record is to say that it sounds like Punch Brothers and leave it at that.

Well now it's 2012 and Punch Brothers are BACK. Their new album 'Who's Feeling Young Now?' will be released into the wild on February 14th (That's Valentine's Day Thile puts it "known internationally as Punch Brothers' New Record Comes Out Day'"), and you can get your first taste right here, right now, with the single and opening track "Movement and Location". Just push play on the widget below and prepare to have your mind BLOWN.

We'll have a full review of 'Who's Feeling Young Now?' as soon as we get our grubby hands on it. In the meantime you can preorder the record now and have it in your earholes the minute it's release, ensuring that you'll have the best Valentine's Day EVAR...even if its just you, the cats, Titanic and a gallon of booberry ice cream.

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