PRESS PLAY: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Theme from 45 Eugenia

Sounds Like: George Clinton, Damon Alburn, and Norman Cook all head over Burt Bacharach’s house for a smoke session.
Why you should care: Because you never knew vikings were so funky.

Though it stumbles out of the gate with its awkwardly paced opening tracks (it’s really not clear what they were thinking there), the Asteroids Galaxy Tour’s second LP, Out of Frequency, quickly regains its funky footing.  Beginning with lead single “Major” the album hits you with track after jamming track of groovy retro goodness.  

One of the striking things to me immediately upon listening to AGT’s debut LP Fruit was the diverse range of styles and influences woven into the Danish pop duo’s sound.  On that record I heard bits of Sly, George Clinton, the B-52s, Beck, Macy Gray, and the Gorillaz among others.  Out of Frequency only reinforces this impression.  Someone with a wider musical vocabulary than myself could likely point to a unique referent for each track on the album, but each of those same influences are back, supported by an increasingly sophisticated production style from Lars Iversen.  If anything, some of the references are even more obvious.  There is no missing the allusion to late 60s flower power rock in the opening organ riff on "Heart Attack", similarly with the unmistakable homage to 60s and 70s prog-funk-rock demigods Funkadelic in the guitar and synth interplay and stoned harmonized vocals of "Theme from 45 Eugenia."

Despite these obvious references, it would be a mistake to say that the Asteroids Galaxy Tour is just some sort of retro/throwback band.  The duo’s eclectic influences, Iversen’s catchy, sometimes almost big beat reminiscent production sensibilities, and singer Mette Lindberg’s distinctive voice combine to give the Asteroids a unique sound of their own that walks boldly right down the line connecting the familiar and the innovative.

Get ready for the funk and check out our personal favorite off the new album (out now!),  and let us know what you think in the comments below!

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
"Theme From 45 Eugenia"