PRESS PLAY: The Wooden Sky - Child Of The Valley

Sounds Like: A post-Ryan Adams Whiskeytown, so in other words, unrealized awesome 
Why you should care: Canada is gonna take over soon enough, so you might as well get used to their music...and it's f@#@ing great.

You wouldn't be going out on a limb if you pegged me as having someone that has a highly exploitable weakness to twang. In fact, forget waterboarding, if you want me to talk all you've got to do is get a shot of whiskey and a Gram Parsons album and i'll tell you everything you want. 

With that out in mind , what we've got for you today is a real treat in "Child Of The Valley", the opening track off of Toronto based The Wooden Sky's third (and excellent) album Every Child A Daughter, Every Moon A Sun. Rivers of melancholy generally run deep through this kind of music, and all to often it can lead to songs of this ilk being nothing but a huge country-sad drag. But The Wooden Sky seem to have found that precarious balance between sad and hopeful, slow and exciting, heartfelt and hokey that eludes so many other artists of this genre, to produce an album that could easily play as an immediate follow-up to Whiskeytown's Pneumonia. Hyperbolic praise? Maybe, but right now there's not an album that I'd rather be listening to, so take that endorsement for whatever it's worth.

We'll have a full review up for you over the weekend, but for now bask in the whiskey-soaked glow of "Child Of The Valley",  and let us know your thoughts about Canada's impending domination over all of us in the comments below


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