PRESS PLAY: White Denim - Street Joy (live)

Sounds Like: Roky Erickson on a steady diet of HORDE Festival, Garage-jam
Why you should care: White Denim is currently opening for Wilco, ie., BLOWING UP.

Hailing from the small town of Austin, TX, these seekers of jam/garagepunk/pop truth have been kicking around for a good while now, but it wasn't until their 2011 album, D, that the band's blend of rough-around-the-edges, homemade, jam rock started to gain them national attention. So much national attention that they guys opened a leg for Wilco on their current tour. So....BOOYA!

Check out White Denim performing their song "Street Joy" live (is there any other way to experience this kind of music?) below. If you dig it then you're in luck because they'll be playing at DC's very own Rock and Roll Hotel TONIGHT!!!

So be there or WHOA MAN I CAN HEAR COLORS.....