REVIEW: The XX - Coexist

Sometimes writing a review of an album can be difficult. If it’s terrible then that’s easy - just take aim at the weak spots and fire away. Likewise, if the album is simply off the charts good then all that is required is that the reviewer point the listener in the direction of said goodness and let their ears do the rest. But sometimes an album is great, but it’s really hard to pinpoint exactly why. The XX’s latest Coexist has that problem, and while it’s a good problem to have, it’s difficult to put into words exactly what makes this chilly yet soulful follow up to their 2009 debut just so satisfying.



That’s science right there homey. You can test the theorem if you like, but that formula has been kicking around our labs for the past two weeks and has survived rigorous and detailed testing.

Rigorous and detailed.

So challenge if you must, but as far as we’re concerned it’s fact.  

The XX's Coexist is out now. Buy it. Make out to it if you do that sort of thing. Science.