Roadkill Ghost Choir - Keep It Under Cover (EP)

Sounds Like:

One of our favorite bands having fun; Your favorite 80's jams spaced out and given that special Roadkill "touch"; any given Sunday in our basement. 

Why You Should Care:

The guys of Athens, GA's (by way of Deland, Fla) Roadkill Ghost Choir are, first and foremost, music fans. If you follow them on Facebook you can see the ever growing playlist that they listen to in the van. If you've seen them live you know the energy this band brings to their art. Put simply, they're one of the best bands to come up in the past few years, and they're story is just getting started. So what does a band who's opened for Band of Horses, received widespread critical acclaim for their debut album In Tongues and become known as practical warhorse of the touring circuit do in their spare time?

Record a handful of choice 80's covers obviously.

Covers have always been a part of Roadkill's repertoire. Whether it's blowing minds with a scorching cover of Nirvana's "Breed" the last time they played here in DC, or sublime tease of Willie Nelson's "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain" (jump to about 19:58) performed in, full disclosure, our living room, they know their history and aren't shy about sharing it in their music. That now, they've decided to dip back into an era, that, let's face it, is pretty much the best of the best is's just special. Right down to the the Tunnel Of Love homage-ness of the the cover and it's expertly placed Mr. Pibb. 

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