ROCK.SHOW: Futurebirds @ The Rock and Roll Hotel - 12/9/11

The guys of Futurebirds have had a pretty good year. They released the well recieved Hampton’s Lullaby, have built a loyal fan base by touring incessantly across the country, and for good measure got to perform the REM classic “Don’t Go Back To Rockville” with none other than Mike Mills at a benefit in their mutual hometown of Athens, GA. It would seem that the band as “arrived” and after Friday night’s show at the Rock and Roll Hotel, it’s pretty clear why.

This one most definitely goes to ELEVENPlaying to a completely sold out crowd, Futurebirds delivered set that was quite simply a marvel of modern rock. Fellow Athen-ites, The Drive By Truckers used to deliver shows like this back in the day (seek out some of the Richmond shows from around 2001 to 2003...FACE.MELTING) and it’s clear that they guys of Futurebirds have at the very least taken a class at the university of Hood and Cooley. See, for a lot of rock bands, it’s enough that they wrote a few songs, and they get to tour those songs around, maybe even making a little cash on the way. That’s the business of rock and roll. Futurebirds are into the LIFE of rock and roll, and, it would seem, are on the verge of a massive career.

I’ll be the first to admit, there are parts of Lullaby that simply don’t work (it’s about 15 minutes too long for example) but none of that matters when there’s a triple guitar attack coming at you in a room filled with people who all know and love the band. None of it matters when that line is crossed between audience and band and everyone is just there rocking together as one. None of that matters when songs that might not have worked so well on record are loosed into their native habitat and allowed to breath and live at gloriously high volume, just as nature intended.

No, what matters is that you were there.

You were there pounding beers with your friends (both on and off stage). You were there pumping your fist in the air, hugging strangers and shouting along to songs that you don’t even know. You were there when this happened:


And that,  my friends,  about sums up where Futurebirds are today. A high octane, southern fried rock and roll MACHINE that is rolling across the country leaving dropped jaws and ringing ears in their wake, Futurebirds are a band that is currently turned up to ELEVEN and we can’t wait to see what these guys have in store for us next.

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