ROCKTOBER 2012: 1970 - Nobody Is The Walrus / Welcome To Club 27

If 1969 was truly the end of the flower generation, then 1970 was the beginning of AWESOME generation. Classic rock GODS like Black Sabbath, Derek and the Dominos and Chicago (the best band in Chicago) made their debut and The Beatles went their separate ways, but all in all things just got a whole lot groovier on the ears.

You know what else happened? SCIENCE! And chance we have to rock your world with SCIENCE rather than bore you with silly words is one we can’t help taking a flying leap at. So now, beaming directly from the Xerox PARC Labs (which also debuted in 1970) we are proud to present this interactive presentation that pretty much sums up everything 1970 was (and wasn’t) in a nice little push button package.  

 NEXT UP: Take a trip to the Dark Side with 1973