Rocktober Day 25: The Paybacks - Knock Loud


Words: West Siiiide Yann

The first time I listened to Knock Loud my balls actually ached from being so thoroughly rocked.  Listen after listen, I just could not believe what a bad-ass Wendy Case is on every track. 

I was torn between being scared-to-death of this woman and also really wanting to go drinking with her rowdy band.  The Paybacks offer a raw sound that hook you at the first lyric and then propel you through ten solid tracks into quivering rock n' roll ecstasy.

Dammit, these people gave their lives to live this way and drink whiskey from paper cups for your enjoyment!  If The Paybacks give any insight into Detroit rock, then I definitely needed more in my diet.  

So cheers Rocktober junkies, here's one debt you'll enjoy settling!

Kevin here. As this album seems to be woefully out of print and unavailable to stream,  we only have one option for you today folks.