Rocktober Day 31: THE END...Chicago style



Consider this:



That's f@#king rock and roll people. It's awful rock and roll but it DEFINED a generation. So what if Peter Cetera is no longer with the band. "Hard Habit To Break" is still a masterpiece of modern song writing with or with out that karate kid wannabe.

Whether you like it or not, the band Chicago laid down a foundation of pure rock energy that shapes not only the direction of ALL music today, but our very lives in this modern society. The lessons we take away from classic tracks like "Stay The Night", "Once In A Lifetime" and "Along Comes A Woman", songs that lay our emotional psyche bare on the grill of life for us to take in in all it's naked glory, those lessons are what makes our world run today. Thousands of years from now when we are all but dust in the wind, our evolutionary successors will discover this sonic tomes and know one truth and one truth only:


Their lives will be enriched and a new age will dawn that brings peace and salvation to....wait..what the f@#@ am I even talking about..



Wait for it.....


Almost there....


Here it comes...




There's only one way this could truly end folks and this is it. There's a reason Third Stage is known across the universe as the single greatest musical achievement of all time. Because it's the f@#king single greatest musical achievement of all time. And on top of that it's hands down THE BEST/WORST ALBUM OF ALL TIME...EVER!!!

I've been known to rant and rave about this album (in fact I did it on the site back in July) so I won't go into THE MASTERPIECE in any more detail here than I have to. Just know this: Nobody and I mean NOBODY has ever, or will ever create such a strangely satisfying yet undeniably horrific album the likes of Third Stage for as long as the river time shall run. 

It's got everything. It's got your unnecessarily doubled, nay tripled up guitars. By the way, did you know that those guitars were recorded without the use of amplifiers? Hell yes they were! Why? WHO THE F@#K KNOWS! PROBABLY BECAUSE NO AMPLIFIER IN EXISTENCE COULD HANDLE THE AWESOME THAT WAS BEING PUMPED THROUGH THEM.

So, it's got raging, ampless guitars, check! Creepily "emotional" lyrical content that shouldn't have flown in 1978 much less 1986...CHECK! Metaphors for spaceships, doing it and doing it on spaceships at least twice within each and every verse...MOTHERF@#@ING CHECK!!!. I mean you can see the album cover on up above people. You know what's going down.

For all of you skeptics I say give it a try. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE loves Boston, so at worst you're going to sit in your car and play a little air guitar while your significant other looks on in horror. For those of you who knew this was coming, what can I say? I'm sure I lost a bet somwhere along the way, but like I said, there was no other choice.

I'll shut up now so you can get to listening. Thanks to everyone who submitted a pick this year, and even more thanks to all of you for indulging us. Rocktober is a time tested tradition here, and while it is a lot of work, it's also a whole lot of fun.

Hope everyone enjoyed it. We'll see you next year, and I promise, no more Third Stage EVER....much.

Happy Halloween everyone. Time to rock!



Or if you prefer