Rocktober Day 4: Bryan Adams - Reckless


"I bought my first real 6-String..."

Hear those words, and that first hit of guitar and everyone knows EXACTLY what I'm talking about. I'm talking some multi-platinum, air guitaring, fist pumping, anthem rocking Canadian fury known to the masses as Bryan f@#$ing Adams!!!

What's that you say? "You can't be serious. Bryan Adams???""


It's like this. It's not everyday that someone writes a song (or MULTIPLE songs) that are instantly and forever recognizable all over the world. "Summer of '69" tapped into a piece of our collective youth that was so primal, so alive and so weirdly American (Bryan Adams is Canadian after all), that as far as rock anthems go, nothing has really been able to touch it since. And what's wasn't the only hit from the album.

You've got the edgy dramatics of "Run To You". You've got your semi-sensitive rock/ballad "One Night Love Affair. You've even got your full on mega-hit power ballad "Heaven". Not enough for you? How about a duet with TINA F@#@ING TURNER!!!

The point I'm trying to make here is that Reckless is, despite itself, an album full of nothing but hits. And not the bullshit hits that Adams went on to build his continent made of money from. The songs on Reckless were surprisingly tight, and surprisingly entertaining "American" classics. Yes it's sort of horrible, but it's also infinitely satisfying, which is really all you can ask for in your rock, isn't it?


Or if you prefer