Rocktober Day 5!: The Final Solution - Brotherman


Imagine it's 1973. It's smack dab in the middle of the Blaxploitation boom of that time period and you're in a band. Someone comes to you with an offer to score a motion picture, just like your idols. Earth, Wind and Fire, Curtis Mayfield, Isaac Hayes...they all had film scores under their belt, and they were legends. It wasn't a choice, it was destiny.

A sad, sad unfortunate destiny.

The film that The Final Solution was contracted for was never finished. In fact it was hardly ever even begun. No, Brotherman the film, a half baked cash grap at the popular would never make it to completion, but that didn't stop the unfortunately named The Final Solution. 

Armed with nothing but a loose script and a dream, the band forged ahead, unaware that the film that was to be their ticket to fame and fortune simply was not to be. But that couldn't stop the music. And oh what fantastically "bad" music it is.

Does it cling a little too closely to the records that inspired it (Shaft, Superfly)? Hell yes it does. And that's part of the beauty of this flawed masterpice. This is the peoples Mayfield. The peoples Hayes. This isn't high art. This is the sound of a bunch of friends getting the f@#k down to a sound that they loved. It's as cringeworthy as it is exaulting, and yet another example of how great a "bad" album can be.

Stream the title track to Brotherman below.

You can check out more about the album, as well has hear samples from the rest of the record by heading over to the Numero Group's site right HERE!