Rocktober Day 6!!: The Violent Femmes - The Violent Femmes


Words: Chad from Chicago

The Violent Femmes self titled debut has 4 things that makes it one of the most perfect Best Worst albums of all time.

Good: They are the perfect 1980’s alternative band--blending together hints of funk, punk, folk, and blues.  I’ve even heard them referred to as “Folk Punk”.   If you are lucky enough to have caught them live in concert you know how great they are at performing.  They put together a very high-energy show, while mixing their competing influences seamlessly on stage.   

Better:They are from Milwaukee--a blue collar city with rivers of beer, fountains of cheese, and an endless supply of cased meat products.  Seriously, you aren’t going to find too many pop bands with Milwaukee roots... Milwaukee bands only know how to rock.  (Also, go Brewers!)

Bad: "Blister in the Sun"... You've heard the song.  Everyone has.  (I'm pretty sure it is about masturbation.) It’s been everywhere your whole life. Somebody please make it stop. 

Even Worse: They use a xylophone.  That is right… a xylophone.   They took an instrument that was formally limited to middle school band, and used it for rock. What.The.F@#@.

Or if you prefer