Rocktober Day 9!!: Twisted Sister - Stay Hungry

Words: Bryan from OZ 

It was 1984 and we were 9 years of age. My best friend Chris had earned enough money delivering newspapers to buy his first vinyl LP. He chose Twisted Sister's, STAY HUNGRY.

BEST: “We’re not Gonna Take It” rocked us so hard that our pillows were bloodstained because our ear cherries had popped. I can’t really comment on the rest of the album because that’s the only song I can recall listening to.

Stay Hungry also had the craziest album cover, adorned by a fully-grown man with a tight blond perm wearing an outfit that only the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull could pull off. The icing on this cake of rock was that this freak was holding a giant femur that looked as if it were a fully functioning part of a cow just moments before the photo was taken.

The album owned our lives for the next week. Our protractors were busier than ever  engraving the iconic TS symbol on every school desk we sat in. Pencil cases were branded TS and… if the movie “FEAR” starring Mark Wahlberg and Reese Witherspoon had been made back in 1984, then I’m sure I would be sporting some kind of homemade TS tattoo on my chest.

Worst: Stay Hungry broke my heart. We found this album one week later in the trash, folded and ready for garbage pick by the curb. Apparently… Chris’ mom jumped to the conclusion that the man on the album cover was not a positive role model for kids. We were to NEVER listen to Twisted Sister ever again. We were 9 years old and hungry for rock.

This is how hungry we felt… Exactly.

Picture yourself on a diet for 6 months eating only root vegetables and spiced bean curd. You decide to take a break from your diet – you are very hungry. Your friend, who owns a meat smoker, decides to have a party and celebrate by smoking a duck under a bed of Italian sausages, and an 8 pound pork shoulder. You’ve been immersed by the smell of “meat smoke” all day and want it bad! It’s now 7 hours into the smoking and time for the meat harvest to begin… before you can launch your face into the meat, someone takes a dump in the smoker.

Not cool.

Stay Hungry friends. Stay Hungry.


Or if you prefer