"sheknowsbutshedontknow" - Tove Lo

Sounds Like:

Ellie Goulding with a Swedish-pop edge

Why You Should Care:

There is no doubt that Swedish pop export Tove Lo loves to push buttons. With a directness unusual in the world of pop music, her new album BLUE LIPS (lady wood phase II) leaves no topic off the table. She thrives on pushing boundaries and BLUE LIPS opens a newly personal side of Tove Lo as she writes about constantly chasing a rush—be it from drugs, sex, or pushing boundaries.

Regardless of the topic, Tove Lo brings her signature strong electropop edge to the entire album. Her dark voice carries her throughout BLUE LIPS to express emotions that are well balanced with synth drum and bass lines. Split into two halves, LIGHT BEAMS and PITCH BLACK, the album is billed as a follow-up to her sophomore hit album Lady Wood.

In “shedontknowbutsheknows,” Tove Lo sings about a woman whose partner is doing things behind her back. The track is pure dance pop with an undercurrent of pain and darkness. The track feels self-reflective as Tove Lo encapsulates the feeling of denying something to yourself you know is likely true. While you will be bopping along to the rhythmic chorus, the track offers the undeniable sense of knowing that something is wrong, but struggling to convince yourself that it is not. Tove Lo seems poised to make you want to dance, while pushing you  to challenge yourself and get beyond your comfort zone.

Tove Lo  Track: "sheknowsbutshedontknow" Album:  Blue Lips  (EP)   LINKS:   Official Site   Facebook   Twitter   Instagram

Tove Lo
Track: "sheknowsbutshedontknow"
Album: Blue Lips (EP)

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