Rocktober Day 12: Yes - 90125

In 1983 the band Yes was for all practical purposes dead. They had had broken up 3 years earlier and all gone their separate ways. While most of the members seemed to still be cordial, there seemed little hope, or even need that Yes ever reform as theirs was a music of a time that had long past its sell by date.

Good prog rock is one thing (and sort of an oxymoron) but when you’re talking about space whales and interstellar trips throughout the galaxy, well, the times they went and did some changing. Which is where guitarist Trevor Rabin comes in.

Rabin, a guitarist from South Africa had been looking for his next creative project when he hooked up with ex-Yes members Chris Squire (bass) and Alan White (drums). That pair had continued to play together after the demise of Yes and were prepping material for a new album under the name XYZ when they came across Rabin as a producer, but the partnership quickly developed into a band that was in the business of expanding.