Adam Lempel and the Heartbeats

TRACKING: Adam Lempel and the Heartbeats - "Just Because"

Sounds Like:  This Year’s Model Costello sautéed with a dash of Joe Jackson
Why You Should Care:  Ain’t nothing wrong with the 70’s.

Adam Lempel may be the busiest man in Baltimore.  Actively participating in not one but three bands and holding down a regular job to boot, he apparently also has space in his busy calendar to do a bit of time travelling – the new self-titled album by Lempel and his Heartbeats joins the fray of bands doing the sounds you loved in the 1970’s, or would have loved if you’d been alive in the 1970’s, and adds to a catalog of fun shit you should be listening to this summer.  Just to drive the point home, the new album comes complete with Crumb-evocative cover art, and it’s also available in CASSETTE.

One of the more rollicking tracks is “Just Because,” with every instrument at the band’s disposal creating a steady driving beat.  It all builds up to a line that begs for you to sing along – “There’s a place in my arms, for you to come and stay if you want…”  The band nails the garage-y grunge surf sound, and Lempel’s vocals are raw and earnest throughout the song.  The track draws to a close with someone banging away at the upper registers of piano behind a chorus of oh ohs, so if you’re looking for a good song to stick in the cassette deck and belt along with the lyrics, give this one a whirl.